The Team: Cristina Rocca

Cristina Rocca, Sustainable business analyst

Cristina is enthusiastic about empowering marginalized communities through promoting economic equity and financial literacy. Using her experience in law, finance, and business planning, she hopes to effectively support sustainable business development in artisanal fisheries while encouraging socially inclusive and environmentally responsible models. She is especially thrilled to engage with these topics through Future of Fish’s programs in her family’s native Peru, and has plans to relocate to Lima in the new year.

After studying economics and global interdisciplinary studies focused on Latin America at Villanova University, Cristina earned the Binational Business Fulbright grant to work as a paralegal in a boutique corporate law firm in Mexico City. She remained there for a few more years, enjoying Mexico’s vibrant culture and working as project manager for establishing a multinational life insurance company. Through these experiences, Cristina developed her expertise in financial and legal analysis for business development, as well as determination to dedicate those skills to addressing social and economic inequality.