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Technology for Transparency
Storied Fish
Breakthrough Aquaculture
Oyster Restoration

Technology for Transparency

The nature of transaction in the seafood industry leaves plenty of opportunity for data to be lost or changed. Most landings are recorded on paper; most companies lack the technical expertise or profit margins to adopt better data management systems.

Enable data portability throughout the supply chain
Structure data capture to be verifiable and auditable
Keep story attached to fish, truth + transparency
More efficiency + less waste = increased productivity and sustainability

Forming; seeking innovators and co-sponsors for pod initiatives

Storied Fish

30%-75% of seafood in North America is mislabeled; Sushi restaurants mislabel fish 74% of the time. More often than not, you’re eating Mystery Fish.

Revamp roles of processors and distributors in the seafood supply chain
Connect local fishermen to local fish eaters
Show that Every Fish Has a Tale™

Forming; seeking innovators and co-sponsors for pod initiatives

Breakthrough Aquaculture

Global demand for seafood is up, but wild fish supplies are down—85% of global stocks are fished at or above their limit. Aquaculture needs to fill the gap but often creates more harm than good, including ecological damage, water pollution, disease introduction, high energy costs, and numerous potential health issues for laborers.

Support the infrastructure for a thriving breakthrough aquaculture industry—not one particular model
Engage insurance and financial sectors to help manage risk in innovative models
Beat the bad reputation of farmed fish

Currently seeking innovators.
Commune LP

Just launched; seeking innovators and co-sponsors for pod initiatives

Oyster Restoration

85% of the world's oyster reefs are gone. Gone as well are the water filtration services and marine habitats they once provided. Rebuilding reefs is costly—more than $1 million per mile—so restoration progresses slowly. Our goal is to get more oysters in the water and drop the cost of restoration through accelerating business models that drop the price of raw materials for restoration, such as recycled shell.

Support the success of oyster farmers
Quantify the human benefits of healthy oyster reefs
Turn shell waste into living reef
Initiate a national brand for “oysters as ecosystem lynchpins”

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Strategic design begins, Jan. 2014