The Fisheye

Meet the team: Q&A with Jenni Ahern

August 27, 2021

Meet Jenni. Originally from Penobscot, Maine, she now lives on the Northern coast of Peru in the small fishing town of Los Organos where she has built her home and lives happily by the sea with her four dogs. Jenni studied International Development Studies with a double minor concentration in global health and Latin American studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While at Dal she studied abroad at the The Galapagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences through Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador to study Marine Biology, Conservation and the Anthropology of a unique archipelago off the coast of Ecuador.

Meet the team: Q&A with Oscar Vilela Seminario

August 27, 2021

Oscar has more than 10 years of experience in rural development and project management, specifically focused on two models: The Small-Scale Agriculture Model (SSAM) and the Self Development District Model (SDDM), both implemented in several communities in the coast and highlands of Piura, Peru.  He has created strategic alliances with Regional Governments, Municipalities, Universities, Companies and other NGO’s to expand the reach and impact for the rural families to improve their lives.

Meet the team: Q&A with Claudio Barrientos

July 19, 2021

Claudio is a marine biologist from south-central Chile where he has developed his work with artisanal fishing communities engaged in diving and small-scale fishing. He has promoted fishery certification projects, direct marketing of seafood products, small-scale aquaculture and community tourism with the aim of seeking alternatives for fishery diversification to improve the quality of life of artisanal fishermen.

For Claudio, social innovation is a key driver in the search for alternatives that help improve the quality of life of artisanal fishermen and other disadvantaged groups in society.


Q: How did you find your way into marine issues?

Accelerating & Communicating Government Fisheries Data Modernization

July 15, 2021

At Future of Fish, we collaborate with governments and international experts to design, implement, and finance lasting and equitable fisheries data collection and analysis systems.  While no two projects ever look the same, a combination of work on the ground and in-depth research over the past three years has allowed us to uncover some commonly occuring barriers, opportunities, and best practices for this process that cross geographies and stakeholders.  

Future of Fish hosts Chef-Fisher Learning Exchanges in Peru

June 14, 2021


In March, a group of notable Peruvian chefs and fishermen got together on Zoom to discuss how they can work together to solve challenges they face with marine resources.  We also invited fishers and chefs from Mexico, Chile and South Africa to share solutions towards sustainable fishing and responsible consumption.