The Team: Marah Hardt

Marah Hardt, Director of Discovery

A scientist and storyteller, Marah works at the crossroads of research, creative communication, and strategy to build a sustainable future for people and the sea. As founder of OceanInk, Marah spent five years working as a consultant with interdisciplinary teams investigating coral reef health, fishery impacts, ocean acidification, and the greening of the global seafood supply chain. She was a founding researcher for Future of Fish and a contributing researcher and writer to The Green Blue Book (Rodale Press) and The Big Handout (Rodale Press). Prior to OceanInk, Marah was a research fellow at Blue Ocean Institute, where she created and launched their climate change program, including an initiative to engage scientists and religious leaders in constructive conversation about halting climate change. Her work has been published in scientific journals, books, and popular magazines (Scientific American, The American Prospect). She received her PhD in marine science from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Her first book, Sex in the Sea, was published by St. Martin's Press in 2016.