Jared Auerbach

Boston, MA

Owner & CEO of Red’s Best, an innovative technology and logistics platform that builds efficiency and traceability in order to support small fishing fleets and ensure maximum freshness

Jared is the CEO and owner of Red’s Best. Throughout his nine years experience in the seafood industry, Jared has held positions in every aspect of the supply chain including three years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and New England. He started Red’s Best in 2008 and has grown it from scratch.


How did you come to create Red’s Best?

We set out with a goal to efficiently unload a large quantity of small boats, which we believe is the best type of fishing for the environment, the community, and the quality of the product. The problem was keeping up with the paperwork and compliance when dealing with so many transactions on a daily basis. This led to the creation of proprietary, web-based software that starts at the point of landing and streamlines the back end of distributing this fish. Once our information was digital, it opened up a whole new world of front end tools to add value to the product on the sales and marketing side. 

How does Red’s Best support sustainable fishing?

We are building the supply side to the increasing demand for local, traceable, sustainable, top-quality seafood. We are committed to preserving the small-boat fishing communities in the United States. By nature, these small fleets have less impact on the environment and are good for their local communities, both economically and emotionally.

What differentiates you from your competition?

Our competition is very old-fashioned. They are good at what they do, but at the end of the day, their only competitive advantage is hard work and money. We gain an competitive edge through our personal relationships and forward thinking.

What are some of your goals for the near future?

Continue to grow our three current unloading/processing facilities. Build on and implement some of our demand-side plug-ins. Grow our network of fishermen and the items we can offer. Start integrating more franchises into our current organization.

What’s your plan for accomplishing these goals?

First, we need to figure out how to efficiently unload a large quantity of boats that are catching a small quantity of fish. We have created proprietary software that makes this possible because of the efficiencies it creates on the back end and the added value it creates on the front end. The added value on the frontend is in the form of traceability tools and plug-ins that provide deeper penetration into the supply chain.

What do you hope to gain as a Future of Fish member?

A network of like-minded people.