Our Work

No one person or business can shift the system. We create the platform and structure for practitioners to work together to grow individual and collective impact.

For seven years Future of Fish has cultivated deep system-level insight into the global seafood supply web. Our research approach surfaces long-term interventions that contribute to the recovery and long-term preservation of stocks and the livelihoods of those who depend on them.

We then build the collective impact of entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, and NGOs by facilitating collaborations that accelerate traceability technology adoption, better governance, value chain alignment, and financial investment in the fishery.

We do this by identifying opportunities to align market forces to change behavior and implement best practices of supply chain businesses to foster the long-term resilience of fisher communities. Incorporating elements of a design consultancy, incubator, financial intermediary, and think tank, we seek to develop integrated supply chain interventions that are investable and scalable. Working with private capital as well as foundations and governments, we work to coordinate multiple streams of intervention, generating positive financial, social and environmental returns to the fishery.


How We Get it Done

We do things differently. Starting with embedded, ethnographic research, we look at supply chains from the source up and build from there. By analyzing the stuck points and the identified strategies for overcoming them, our syntheses yield insights about overarching challenges that remain unaddressed and how assets can be leveraged among stakeholders to forge progress or develop new structures. We then stay in the system, coordinating players and helping scale projects to achieve sustained and replicable progress.


Understand the Landscape

and learn from the system to uncover insights, stuck points and opportunities from all stakeholders.



Co-Design Systematic Solutions

and align stakeholders for efficient and high-impact implementation work that creates systemic fishery improvement.



Enable Implementation

by working with partners in a coordinated manner to implement and manage interventions that lead to long-term and lasting impact.



Where We Work

We work with fisheries around the world. This map shows the geographies in which we work or have worked.