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The Power of Partnership: Old Dart Foundation + Future of Fish

Healthy ocean ecosystems are the foundation of healthy coastal communities and functioning global food systems. But achieving sustainable fisheries does not begin with environmental actions. It begins with building a foundation for empowered small-scale fisheries that have resilient livelihoods and have the capacity to effectively manage their business and the ocean resources they depend upon. A recent PartnershipAgreement between Future of Fish and Old Dart Foundation seeks to drive large-scale systems change to benefit coastal communities and ocean ecosystems. Together, we hope to combine…


Fish Story: Talking with Meyling Tang of Tres Peces, Valparaiso

Recently, Future of Fish sat down with Meyling Tang, Co-Founder of Tres Peces Valparaiso, to discuss how their responsible seafood restaurant concept adapted to challenges caused by COVID-19 in Chile. The team behind Tres Peces are pioneers in the sustainable seafood industry in Chile. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic which shuttered many restaurants in Valparaiso, Tres Pesces has grown tremendously in popularity, mostly due to “word of mouth” from existing customers who enjoy their fresh products and meaningful storytelling about the fishers and organizations who…