Why Fish

The fish problem is a people problem.

One billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein. The ocean provides more than half of our oxygen. Healthy fish populations keep the ocean healthy.

So if we like breathing, we'd better start saving fish.

Overfishing is a significant problem. Many people think the solution to overfishing is to persuade more consumers to buy sustainably caught fish.

That's a start.

But buyers can't drive real change when responsibly caught fish is blended in the marketplace with irresponsibly or illegally caught fish.

The supply chain is busted, delivering mislabeled fish to your plate about a third of the time.

We need to change the way business works in order to end overfishing.

We work with fishers and seafood industry players to build a profitable supply chain that delivers trustworthy, traceable, legally caught fish.

In our vision for the future of fish, the seafood supply chain looks a little less tangled and messy and a little more like this: