About Future of Fish

We are a nonprofit systems change incubator. We work with industry players, technologists, and NGOs to create business solutions to ocean challenges.

Our story

… or how we work to get change unstuck in the world of fish.

First, there were the fish. Then (about 400 million years later) there was a lot of fishing. That’s when we came along. An eclectic bunch of design thinkers, business consultants, journalists, and scientists, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship and collaboration as potent forces for positive change in the world—including in the oceans.

When we first looked at the seafood industry, we saw the long list of all that was going wrong and the enormity of the challenge that ending overfishing presents. But, instead of focusing on the problems, we looked to the problem-solvers, the impressive diversity of innovators disrupting the status quo. Here was raw material for creating some real change.

With 25+ years of combined expertise in complex problem-solving and more than four years of deep research and discovery in the seafood industry, we knew that no one intervention could shift the system alone. So we got to work building the collective impact of businesses, NGOs and technologists to drive the end of overfishing.

In a nutshell (or a seashell?): our goal is to end overfishing; our approach is to build strategic, collective impact; our lens is optimistic; our competency is a powerful combination of analytics and design; and our passion is empathy—for systems and innovators. Our hope is that you’ll join us, and help collaborate to create our envisioned future.

Meet our team


Peter Battisti

Executive Director


Julie Budkowski

Operations Director


Laura Fernández Cascán

Director, Blended Finance and Business Innovation



Cheryl Dahle

Founder and Advisor



Greg Fitzgerald

Director, Global Innovations



Chris Giordano

Implementation Lead, Peru



Iván Greco

Research & Implementation Lead, Chile



Marah Hardt

Director of Discovery



Momo Kochen

Director, Global Programs


Fiona Lugo-Mulligan

Traceability Program Director



Shannon McDiarmid

Market and Supply Chain Lead


Cristina Rocca

Sustainable Business Analyst



Charles Steinback

Director, Business Development



Gretchen Thuesen

Program Manager, Peru


Diego Undurraga

Business Innovations Lead, Latin America