Seafood Traceability: The Business Case for Better Data

Apr 09, 2014
This article was originally posted as an op-ed on Triple Pundit as part of their ongoing Sustainable Seafood channel. Exposés of deception and abuse in food supply chains have become disturbingly routine. Whether we’re hearing about pink slime or horsemeat passed off as beef, the news is consistently unsettling: We can’t trust what we’re eating. Seafood is no exception to this…

The Midas Touch: Creating Golden Opportunities from Undervalued Fish

Apr 03, 2014
Image credit: Jess Reeder Talking trash on the docks is nothing new. But talking how to turn “trash fish”— fish that comes up in the net that is in less demand—into treasured bounty is a different story. And the idea offers hope for creating new markets that can benefit both fishers and fish. The opportunity rests…

Human Rights and Seafood: Sustainability Means Ending Slavery, Too

Mar 20, 2014
Graphic taken from FishWise's report entitled Trafficked II: An Updated Summary of Human Rights Abuses in the Seafood Industry Sometimes, what you don’t see is what matters. Walking the floor of Seafood Expo North America, the fabulous displays of fish from around the world are pure eye candy for any seafood lover. What those colorful fillets don’t…

The “IT” Thing in Seafood

Mar 20, 2014
At almost every step of the seafood supply chain, the modern slams into the archaic.  Nowhere is this more apparent than on the tradeshow floor of Seafood Expo North America. Located near the historic waterfront of one of the nation’s oldest cities, the vast interior of the Boston Convention Center is transformed into a labyrinth…
Ever fish has a tale graphic

Storied Fish Featured on New Sustainable Seafood Channel

Mar 15, 2014
This week, sustainable seafood got its own channel. The triple-bottom-line online news and journalism powerhouse, Triple Pundit, launched Sustainable Seafood: the Business of a Healthier Catch as their most recent topic in which to explore the business and social wins of sustainability. The global seafood industry is an enormous, complex tangle of businesses, biology, economics, policy, and deep-rooted cultural practices—it’s not…