Future of Fish publishes 2021 Impact Report

Future of Fish announces the addition of its most recent impact report to the organization’s website, highlighting the growth of the NGO’s affiliate implementation organizations in Chile and Peru. 

2021 was a milestone year for Future of Fish, which finalized the legal operations and leadership of our two non-profit affiliate organizations, Future of Fish Chile and Future of Fish Peru. This included the growth of these teams to service their programs more efficiently adding two and six new staff members respectively. The addition of diverse and specialized expertise to each team will allow both organizations to broaden their socio-economic approach to ocean conservation. 

“Bringing in social issues, such as gender and community development, as a means of protecting the environment is still seen as a novel approach to conservation,” said Julie Budkowski, Operations Director at Future of Fish International. “Building in these themes as core components of an overarching sustainable blue economy is how we achieve blue justice. At the same time, handing over the leadership of these organizations to Chileans and Peruvians is how we begin to decolonize development. This approach ultimately rings true to how we operate and build lasting self-sustaining programming.” 

The new organizational structure with our Latin America affiliate programs now enables Future of Fish International to focus more deeply on fostering partnerships and solutions that will help drive innovation for coastal communities. The international team is continuing to explore how creative finance, technology, and data can work together to build a just blue economy.

If reading our latest Impact Report sparks ideas for collaboration and potential partnerships, please connect with us at info@futureoffish.org. 

Future of Fish is an international NGO on a mission to transform at-risk coastal communities into thriving centers of sustainability that can serve as replicable models for a just and sustainable blue economy. 

The 2021 Impact Report can be found on the Future of Fish resources section of our website. 

Published May 05, 2022