Press Release: Future of Fish Appoints Charles Steinback, Traceability Technology Pod Director

June 1, 2016 — Future of Fish, a nonprofit organization that works within the seafood supply chain to promote traceability and transparency, today announced that Charles Steinback, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Point 97, will be joining Future of Fish as Director of their Traceability Technology Pod.
Charles is a leader and innovator whose passion for people and their relationship with the ocean has informed his career path. “For me it’s always been about the people who depend on the ocean,” he said. “I’ve chosen this career to support their ways of life in new and different ways.”  At Point 97 he led the organization’s transition to a technology company with a mission of delivering technology solutions that drove marine resource dependent communities toward food and economic security.
At Future of Fish Charles will take on a leadership role with the Traceability Technology Pod. He will be the glue that binds the Pod, from collaboration and relationship building to development and execution of Pod initiatives, to plans for partnership and growth beyond the existing group.
“When looking for someone to take over this position, we knew we needed a thought leader with intimate knowledge of the space and the players involved,” said Keith Flett, Strategy Director at Future of Fish. “Charles’ experience in the fisheries traceability and technology space and his knowledge of the Pod members themselves made him a perfect candidate to accelerate the initiative. We know that Charles is the ideal person for this role and we’re excited to welcome him to the team.”
“I have always worked at the intersection of technology and marine issues. It feels like a natural fit to transition from one to the other,” said Charles. “I think that Future of Fish can have a significant impact in this space. Our expertise in technology and the fishing industry allows us to be a leader in both conversation and action.”
For more than a decade, Charles has pushed the frontier for ocean planning. He has helped community fisheries to shift the power dynamics of industrialized fishing monopolies, has influenced the designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA), and has safeguarded inshore fisheries through the use of mobile technology. His leadership has contributed to the development of advanced technology platforms that use data and maps to unite, inform, and inspire decision makers on a variety of coastal issues.
About Future of Fish:
Future of Fish is a non-profit organization that provides research, design, and business strategy services to entrepreneurs, NGOs, foundations, and other stakeholders as they work to improve global seafood sustainability. Future of Fish has identified robust, end-to-end traceability and the growth of “Storied Fish” as key drivers of large-scale change. Our vision is a global seafood industry that supplies traceable, trustworthy, legally caught fish.

Published Jun 02, 2016