Future of Fish Impact Report 2020

Future of Fish is an international non-profit working at the intersection of social equity, economic resiliency and environmental sustainability.

Established in 2009 to bring innovative solutions to complex systemic problems in seafood, Future of Fish leads with a human-centered approach to help communities build sustainable livelihoods while also protecting fish, a critical source of protein for billions of people worldwide. We currently operate in Chile, Peru, Belize, and the Caribbean, with developed partnerships serving South East Asia and Africa.  This Impact Report provides an introduction to Future of Fish’s approach and impacts throughout 2020.


From its beginnings as a grant-funded research initiative, Future of Fish was founded on the understanding that the fish problem is a people problem, and that change must begin with behavior on the water — not in the supermarket. Supporting fishers means supporting a more resilient and equitable system.

Supporting fishers also means listening to and learning from all seafood workers. The solutions we develop are grounded in the knowledge and expertise of seafood workers and coastal communities: fishers are keenly aware of the problems they’re facing, and the roadblocks that prevent them from thriving. By co-designing with fishers and other stakeholders, we strive to support resilient communities while ensuring our programs are sustainable, scalable, and effective for the communities and ecosystems we serve.
The socio-economics and environmental issues in fisheries communities are complex. No one organization can be an expert in all disciplines. Our expertise comes from listening to fishers and communities — identifying their needs and the gaps in current solutions, finding the partners and resources that can help, and connecting the dots so change can scale.
Learn more about our work in Peru, Chile, Belize, the Caribbean, Somalia, Vietnam and beyond by downloading our Future of Fish 2020 Impact Report.