T101: Traceability—What it is, Why it Matters

This narrated slide presentation provides a detailed exploration of traceability: definitions, related technologies, and the role of robust, end-to-end traceability in providing legal, traceable, trustworthy fish within global seafood supply chains.

In particular, the presentation will:

  • Provide NGOs with a clear definition of traceability and clarity about traceability systems and technology;
  • Discuss why full-chain traceability matters for long-term fisheries management;
  • Describe the current traceability landscape within the seafood supply chain and identify the important gaps;
  • Discuss the emerging initiatives and technologies that hold promise for increasing adoption of improved traceability across the seafood supply chain; and
  • Provide basic guidance for how to effectively engage industry in traceability conversations

The presentation has been crafted to meet the internal training needs of NGOs as well as provide information that can help NGOs better advise their industry partners on issues of traceability as it relates to sustainable sourcing commitments and other initiatives.

Click on the window above to begin the presentation. The presentation will take a few moments to load. Slides are accompanied by narration, and will advance automatically. Viewers wishing to advance the slides manually should pause the slide at the beginning, then hit play when ready. The narration begins with the title slide, so be sure to wait for the file to fully load before advancing. If the presentation is slow to load, you can also view it directly HERE.


The entire presentation takes around 50 minutes to watch, and covers the following topics:

Slides 1—6: Introduction: what is traceability?

Slides 7—20: The status quo: how data is captured and recorded through a seafood supply chain

Slides 21—27: Problems caused by lack of traceability

Slides 28—31: Introduction to emerging solutions

Slides 32—44: The five core business functions of traceability

Slides 45—46: Introduction to technology and people solutions

Slides 47—50: Technology-focused  initiatives

Slides 51—56: “People side” initiatives

Slides 57—61: Next steps and conclusion