The Best Restaurant in South America for 2024 and Fifth in the World promotes responsible fishing and purchasing by participating in the La Buena Pesca Initiative

Originally published in Spanish.

  • We congratulate Maido on this prestigious achievement and applaud their efforts to integrate sustainable practices into their business model. Their example is a beacon of inspiration for the Peruvian gastronomic industry and a demonstration of how collaboration between artisanal fishers and chefs can lead to a more sustainable and fair future for all.
  • La Buena Pesca is an initiative that promotes responsible fishing and consumption in the domestic seafood market in Peru, involving all stakeholders in the artisanal fishing value chain. The initiative contributes to the reduction of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; ensuring the sustainability of marine resources, oceans, and fishing communities.

Lima, June 5, 2024 – The prestigious Peruvian restaurant Maido, recently crowned the Best Restaurant in South America 2024 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 and ranked fifth in the world, continues to stand out not only for its culinary excellence but also for its firm commitment to responsible fishing and consumption. This achievement includes a testament to their dedication to the sustainability of marine resources and support for local fishing communities.

Peruvian cuisine is globally renowned for its diverse and rich flavors, which are a product of blending ancestral ingredients and techniques with modern influences. This culinary richness is not just a source of national pride but also a shared responsibility to safeguard the sustainability of the natural resources that underpin our food culture. Preserving our marine resources is vital for safeguarding this culinary heritage and ensuring that future generations can continue to savor the same abundance and variety.

Caring for marine resources is not just an environmental issue but also an act of justice for the fishing communities that depend on these resources for their livelihood. The collaboration between high-end restaurants and artisanal fishermen, as promoted by La Buena Pesca (an initiative supported by the USAID funded program Por la Pesca) with its commercial pilot program, is essential to fostering sustainable and fair fishing practices. This synergy not only improves the quality of the products that reach our tables but also strengthens local economies and promotes a more transparent and equitable supply chain.

An Exemplary Commercial Pilot

In a joint effort with the La Buena Pesca, artisanal fishers from Bujama Baja, a fishing cove in the district of Mala, Peru participated in the first commercial pilot between artisanal fishers and chefs, with Maido being one of the restaurants to receive sustainably sourced products. This collaboration strengthens the traceability of marine products and increases value through direct sales.

The fishers of Bujama Baja, who harvest octopus and crab, received intensive training on preserving the quality of the resource through adequate cold chain, marketing, and traceability. These trainings, provided by the La Buena Pesca, have enabled them to track the origin of their catches and ensure that marine products reach the final consumers with a guarantee of sustainability and quality.

The commercial pilot was structured in five stages:

  1. Capture of more than 130 kilos of octopus and crab by artisanal fishers
  2. Completion of a form to track the origin of each catch
  3. Transport of the products to Lima under strict quality protocols
  4. Purchase of the products by renowned restaurants in Lima
  5. Promotion of the products on the restaurant menus, highlighting their origin from responsible fishing

This approach has allowed chefs and final consumers to know the origin of their seafood, benefiting artisanal fishers by opening the doors to better markets and ensuring a fair price.

Maido’s success as the Best Restaurant in South America 2024 is a well-deserved recognition not only for their culinary excellence but also for their commitment to sustainability. By promoting responsible fishing and consumption, Maido positions itself as a leader in environmental protection and support for local fishing communities.

Published Jun 06, 2024