Ruth Preciado - Directora inicial La Islilla

Los 33 años de la profesora Ruth Preciado en La Islilla y su impacto en la educación

May 09, 2022
Desde hace más de 33 años, Ruth Preciado viene educando a los niños del centro poblado de La Islilla en Paita - Piura. Ella es profesional graduada de la Universidad de Huacho, José Faustino Sanchez Carrión, y actualmente tiene el cargo de directora de la IIEE Inicial Nº 407 de La Islilla. Esta semana nos…

Future of Fish publishes 2021 Impact Report

May 05, 2022
Future of Fish announces the addition of its most recent impact report to the organization’s website, highlighting the growth of the NGO’s affiliate implementation organizations in Chile and Peru.  2021 was a milestone year for Future of Fish, which finalized the legal operations and leadership of our two non-profit affiliate organizations, Future of Fish Chile…

Meet the team: Q&A with Begoña Peñailillo

Dec 10, 2021
Begoña has worked both with coastal organizations and with individual fishermen, never forgetting her professional calling to the public service sector. While working with various fishing organizations, she supported them in putting together applications for government funding. She also previously worked in fish processing plants and in sea urchin export in New Zealand. She earned…

Meet the team: Q&A with Mauricio Zúñiga Montes

Nov 15, 2021
Mauricio is a seasoned professional, bringing 25 years of experience to his current role as Quality and Commercialization Manager at Future of Fish Peru. Much of his professional experiences have been focused on leading and coordinating activities within the public sector. This includes 10 years as the head of PROMPERU’s north regional office, overseeing the…

The Power of Partnership: Old Dart Foundation + Future of Fish

Nov 05, 2021
Healthy ocean ecosystems are the foundation of healthy coastal communities and functioning global food systems. But achieving sustainable fisheries does not begin with environmental actions. It begins with building a foundation for empowered small-scale fisheries that have resilient livelihoods and have the capacity to effectively manage their business and the ocean resources they depend upon.…