Future of Fish Impact Report 2020

Future of Fish Impact Report 2020

Future of Fish is an international non-profit working at the intersection of social equity, economic resiliency and environmental sustainability.

Advancing Finance for FIPs: Strategies to unlock public and private finance for Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)

This report proposes a development framework and associated strategies for diversifying and increasing funding to support the success of FIPs, with a particular focus on small-scale fisheries (SSF) and fisheries in the developing world context. In particular, the framework: • Recognizes the key enabling conditions, drivers for impact, and requirements for investment, including both asset […]

Covid-19 Effects on Artisanal Fisheries and Seafood Vendors at Local Fish Markets in Chile

In March 2020 Chile entered phase 4 of COVID-19, which refers to the existence of viral circulation and community spread of the disease.

Accelerating Government Fisheries Data Modernization

The Information Age is here, but data-rich fisheries continue to be a rarity around the world. Instead, we see fisheries defined by limited information and limited application of that data for effective management. Such poor data usage results in flawed catch limits, a lack of reliable forecasting or enforcement, little to no accountability or transparency, and the inability to meet demands for adaptive management and sustainable fisheries.

Fishery Development Blueprint: Mahi

Recommendations and strategies for implementing full-chain digital traceability technology in Peruvian mahi mahi supply chains.

Fishery Development Blueprint: Benthic

Recommendations and strategies for unlocking new or additional value in managed access benthic fisheries connected with Peruvian domestic markets.

Peru National Level Fishery Traceability Recommendations

This document provides recommendations for driving traceability and data improvements in both industry and government sectors.

Fishery Development Model: A Systems Development Model for Data-Rich, Investable Fisheries

Fishery Development Model Fisheries are complex systems that sit at the intersection of the social, environmental and economic dynamics. To focus improvements on only one of these domains in isolation limits the effectiveness of any intervention strategy that seeks long-term sustainability, whereby stocks are well-managed, fishers have a dependable livelihood, and incentives are aligned to […]

Changing the Future of Wild Fish, Phase I

Commissioned by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in 2008, this report was the first of three phases of research that culminated in the founding of Future of Fish.

Changing the Future of Wild Fish, Phase II

Future of Fish was born from a unique partnership between Ashoka, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and Central, a design strategy firm.

Future of Fish Goes to Boston

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Fish 101: Overfishing

Large commercial fishing vessels more closely resemble space ships than boats. Wall-to-wall electronics allow captains to “see” beneath the surface to find ever-scarcer fish.