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Advancing finance for fisheries improvement

Fisheries are a crucial part of our global food system, providing sustenance and livelihoods for millions of people worldwide. However, many fisheries face significant challenges, including overfishing, habitat degradation, and the need for effective management practices. In an effort to address these issues, Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) have gained prominence as a mechanism for promoting sustainable fishing practices, with a social responsibility assessment tool recently added to the framework. Future of Fish’s recent report, "Advancing Finance for FIPs," sheds light on the financial aspects…


Insights into seaweed: The next big blue economy innovation?

Image Credit: Canva Chances are that if you work in the ocean space, then you know that seaweed is having a moment. From exciting possibilities for nourishing plant-based food products, promising research into its carbon capture capabilities, and a wealth of innovative applications, such as alternatives to plastic packaging, there is no doubt that seaweed’s trendiness is well-earned.  Future of Fish has been eagerly delving into the emerging body of research around seaweed. Our team is particularly motivated by seaweed’s potential to unlock new…


Cómo los servicios digitales pueden promover resultados socioecológicos positivos en la pesca artesanal

Crédito de la imagen: Iván Greco, Fundación Future of Fish Chile   (Artículo publicado originalmente en inglés) La economía azul es una expresión utilizada para describir las múltiples formas en que los recursos oceánicos y costeros proporcionan beneficios económicos a la humanidad. El capital natural de estos recursos proporciona beneficios que pueden manifestarse directamente a través de actividades de subsistencia como la pesca y el turismo, o indirectamente a través de los servicios de los ecosistemas naturales, como la protección de las costas, el…