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Fish Story: Patricia Purizaca

Historias de pesca: Patricia Purizaca (Versión en Español más abajo) Máncora is a seaside town in the Piura region of northern Peru. With a population of 12,899 inhabitants, it is a beautiful resort town as well as a bustling fisherman's cove. In recent years, it has become a popular beach destination visited by Peruvian and foreign surfers alike due to its great waves, which has led to high tourism demand in the region. It is here that we find Patricia, a merchant and cook.…


Fish Story: Luis Solís

Historias de pesca: Luis Solís (Versión en Español más abajo) Luis Solís, born and raised in the commune of Renca, is a tireless worker and champion for his community, dedicated to working with small scale producers and businesses to improve food supply chains and access to nutritious food for all Chileans. Over the course of his career in both the private and public sectors, he observed a lack of connection and organization between workers causing inefficiencies in the food supply system, as well as…