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Collaborating to promote responsible seafood sourcing in Peru

Note: Future of Fish is committed to our work in Peru and with the current global situation we are actively evaluating best methods of moving our programs forward and empowering resilient ocean economies. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and hear how our work is progressing. No one person or organization can change a system. Improving seafood sourcing, shifting supply chains, and strengthening small-scale fisheries all require massive and long-term efforts from multiple stakeholders and passionate advocates. Still, every system has intervention points or…


Pesca consciente, ceviche por siempre

Peruvian cuisine is synonymous with seafood. From ceviche to arroz con mariscos to grilled octopus, seafood is one area where local ingredients—and chefs—truly shine. What may come as a surprise is that despite the deep love of seafood, sustainable and traceable seafood movements are still very nascent in Peru. The newness of the conversation means there are still a lot of things to work out. For instance, there is no common definition of “responsible sourcing” in Peru, and “sustainability” means different things to different…