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Peru Artisanal Fisher Development Fund — Unlocking benefits for fishers and cooperatives

Updated July 11, 2024 Future of Fish and partners are excited to announce the Artisanal Fisher Development Fund (the Fund), a pilot loan guarantee fund to facilitate access to credit to support formalization, sustainable practices and financial inclusion amongst Peru´s artisanal fishing sector .  The Fund aims to facilitate access to credit for working capital loans through aggregated purchase programs of Coops for inputs such as gas, ice, oil, and other fishing essentials the savings of which will be passed on to fisher members…


Advancing finance for fisheries improvement

Fisheries are a crucial part of our global food system, providing sustenance and livelihoods for millions of people worldwide. However, many fisheries face significant challenges, including overfishing, habitat degradation, and the need for effective management practices. In an effort to address these issues, Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) have gained prominence as a mechanism for promoting sustainable fishing practices, with a social responsibility assessment tool recently added to the framework. Future of Fish’s recent report, "Advancing Finance for FIPs," sheds light on the financial aspects…


Navigating the Challenges: Peru’s informal economy in the fishing industry

Peru, renowned for its coastal beauty and marine biodiversity, faces unique challenges within its informal economy, particularly in the fishing industry. The livelihoods of countless fishers are intricately tied to informal practices, presenting a set of issues that impact both individuals and the sustainability of marine resources. Peru is one of the leading fishing nations in the world, historically coming in second only to China in terms of tons of wild fish caught. It’s no surprise that the fishing industry is a vital component…