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Capital Coordination and Capacity Building in Duao

The role of system intermediary isn’t about moving fish; it’s about moving information, money, and expertise to fill gaps in the system. And it’s critical for driving sustainable small scale fisheries. The artisanal hake fishers in Duao, Chile are organized and motivated. But like so many other small scale fishers who want to improve their practices, increase their capacities, and make changes to ensure they’re fishing sustainably, fishers in Duao struggle to access the resources to affect change. Laid out along a beautiful stretch of…


Connecting the Dots: the need for Fishery System Intermediaries

This is the first in a series of blog posts about fisheries system intermediaries. The world’s oceans are in crisis at a time when forty percent of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the coast, and billions of people derive their nutrition and livelihoods from coastal fisheries. Communities, nonprofits, governments, and philanthropists have been working hard for decades to improve fisheries and seafood systems, but sustained systemic change has proven elusive. Why is this? And what can be done about it? THE…