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The Power of Partnership: Old Dart Foundation + Future of Fish

Healthy ocean ecosystems are the foundation of healthy coastal communities and functioning global food systems. But achieving sustainable fisheries does not begin with environmental actions. It begins with building a foundation for empowered small-scale fisheries that have resilient livelihoods and have the capacity to effectively manage their business and the ocean resources they depend upon. A recent PartnershipAgreement between Future of Fish and Old Dart Foundation seeks to drive large-scale systems change to benefit coastal communities and ocean ecosystems. Together, we hope to combine…


PRESS RELEASE: PPE for fisheries in Peru

Future of Fish announces a new campaign to get PPE to fishing villages in Peru. June 4, 2020 For Immediate Release Fishers are essential workers, but what happens when they don’t have the gear they need to work safely in a pandemic? This week, Future of Fish launches a new campaign in partnership with fishers from La Islilla, Peru, to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to the fishers and seafood workers who need it most. In Peru, small scale fisheries play a critical role…


Collaborating to Advance Seafood Traceability

The organizations working on seafood sustainability and traceability are many, and they’re mighty. Historically, though, there’s been little support for them to work together to solve problems and amplify their efforts. This siloing—common across the nonprofit and NGO spaces—means that it’s harder for us to share our learnings, spend time working together, and collaborate for impact. Fortunately, the tide is turning: building on years of seafood traceability expertise, FishWise, Future of Fish, the Global Food Traceability Center, and World Wildlife Fund came together in…